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Artist Statement: 

I think of my works as situations.
Situations that involve and evolve in space and with me and with you.
Situations that make a feeling present.
Situations that create connections.
Intimate situations were vulnerability can stay vulnerable.
Situations to come together.
Situations that raise questions.
Situations as a micro as well as macro perspective onto life.
Situations that are often awkward.
Situations of something random and something setup.
Spherical situations, something is in the air.
Situations that give and make space.
Situations to relate to with your body.
Situations that relate to your body.
Situations of visible and invisible matter.

In my artistic practice I constantly observe and create encounters. To me, artworks are idealistically seen an encounter, with oneself, a forgotten memory, a political world, the political self, or with another person. Working with performance, text, installation, sound and video I try to stage and question, and challenge an emotional intelligence. Motion and Emotion in spaces are often contexts which I want to deal. Which emotions can be sensed in a space, and what motions do they create? The speaking, singing or moving body is my most favorite material.

I am interested into opening a process to others, to begin a process with others, others can be performers or Visitors, and look together at our shared reality.

I work in collectives like Young Valley Soil with Elina Saalfeld, Elisa Nessler and Cristina Rüesch or different temporary collectives to learn more from others and question my learnings. Art mediation through curatorial practice or through giving workshops, is an important part in my practice. I see the combination of elaborating both at the same time as very fluide and both sides can have an impact on each other.