with Young Valley Soil 
invited by Cake and Cash Curatorial Collective 
at mom art space

What would you do, if i sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?

„That‘s what makes collectivity so beautiful and nurturing: Sometimes a little out of tune, but always together.“ - Laura Mahnke

Since 2018 I am forming the collective Young Valley Soil, former Gehts noch, with Elina Saalfeld, Cristina Rüesch and Elisa Nessler. In our mainly performative works we deal with various layers of feminism, that we explore through everyday like settings, pop culture, and mysticsm. Our friendship is our key to our works. Because of different places and situations we live in, working in a collective is sometimes not that easy to be organized.

The exhibition at MOM art space was curated by Cake and Cash Curatorial Collective. Amongst other great collectives, Young Valley Soil was invited after a longer period of not having worked together. So we talked about a come back - how to come back?

Fest is a soundwork that celebrates the moment of singing together out of tune. The lyrics from the song „With A Little Help From My Freinds“ by the Beatles offers an ambiguity, that sounds like a wink while listening to us struggling with controlling out voices. We overcome a threshold of shame and the feeling of embarrassment, when opening our mouths and sing in a way without overthinking. Our collective holds us together, especially in moments of awkwardness.