Figures For Thoughts

Groupshow: short precise perfect

At Receptiongallery from KHIO

One Channel
no Sound


Videowork, recommended to see via Phone or Pad, laid down on a flat surface or the floor. 

With the Video research Figures For Thoughts I put together in a non narrative way a field of raviours research that encounters amongst others String Theory, Knot theory, the situationist movement, and the very everyday encounter with knotted rubber bands in public space. 

Various research and references from the process: 


︎ single tutorial 1 

︎ single tutorial 2 

︎ Group Crit 1 

︎ Group Crit 2 

references collected from shared document: 

Belén Santillan:

Ideas: I have no specific suggestion 😊 but two images:

Note: Complex ideas in dialogue with the visual
Le musée imaginaire de la sculpture mondiale (André Malraux)
Atlas Mnemosyne (Aby Warburg)
Atlas Group – lebanese artist group working with archives

Ebba Moi:
Some Artists working with Performance lecture:  
Erik Bünger:
Akraam Zatari – individual artist also member of atlas group
Walid Raad - individual artist also member of atlas group

Aase Texmon Rygh  - norwegian sculpture working with möbius 

references gathered with and from Malin Graesse