For thinking thoughts twice, I don't have to be two

Salon Medusa group show
at Eksrummet Copenhagen 
invited and curated by Helli Müller and Sara Malie 

Invitation from Helli Müller and Sara Malie into the Group Show Salon Medusa at Eksrummet, an Offspace in Copenhagen. The space has two rooms, we made each two works. We are all female artists, our exhibitiontitle Salon Medusa is leaned on the Essay from Hélène Cixous „the laughter of medusa“, which we all have a different relation with.

To Think Thoughts twice / I don‘t have to be two are my two works. In one room 400 printed wafers with a QR-Code hanging from the ceiling on a yarn which is attached to one wall with a fishers knot. When scanning the code you can hear a Soundwork with Six weak fine voice humming a song or rather a melody. In the other room coporeal silhouettes are drawing thinly on the floor, with the time of the exhibitions they dissolve. I see the two works connected. These shadows or ghosts humming this eerie, awkward but also funny song, while people swallow and suck the wafer. who are these voices, who are these traces? And anyway, what is this song? It is Where is my mind from The Pixies. The ghosts are humming the song out of their memory, the voices are melting while sucking the wafer -like cold water in the gullet.