,Holding, Forcing, Laying,

invited and curated by Frederik Vium and Cristina Rüesch
march 2022 at Frappant Galerie,
group show 2nd Chapter and bark beetles mapped hidden worlds
paperobject with stitched words
exhibitionviews by Mathias Bro

,Holding, Forcing, Laying is the peeled skin of Object of forgotten memory.
The core of this work is of intimate matter, an elaboration on embodied traumas, and on the work with them. What seemed interesting to me was to compare embodied traumas to knots, a textile exists out of coherent knots, traumas and emotions as well. This two knots are coherent as well.
One knot is speaking a text, on which this work is based on. I call it Object of forgotten memory. 

The other, ,Holding, Forcing, Laying, is a knotted paperinstallation. This knot hangs in the exhibition space, and is held by two knotted yarns, which are hidden by paper objects.

On the paperobject one can, or cannot, reads word which are sewed into the object. The inscribe into the knot the process of un-knotting. A list of ambiguous verbs is winds itself along the knot. maybe unthreadening a trauma, or maybe entangling even more in and with it. 

2nd Chapter: and bark beetles mapped hidden worlds

Follow the lines under the crust. A landscape, a letter, a warm invitation

To a sphere where shape-shifters, ambivalent creatures and magical disorders meet and nest. They create new worlds, that at first glimpse might seem uncanny – Where every little thing is active and vibrant – Where borders are substituted by networks.

This exhibition is the second chapter of an exchange between eight artists which started with the package show “1st Chapter: Trying to Be a Spider” that was sent into the world in April 2021.

Instead of the spider, this time the bark beetle is our host and storyteller.

Do you want to take a walk on this dusty path with us?Text by Cristina Rüesch & Frederik Vium