Inbetween Thresholds

June 2021

for group show TRIADE with Elena Greta Falcini and Doerte Hinrichsen at frappant e.V.

performative installation
25m jute, imprints, coppertape, copperwire, copperpipes, playtron, speaker, cable

Core to the concept of exhibting with Elena Greta Falcini and Doerte Hinrichsen was to give everyone of us a room for one own. The frappant gallery in Hamburg has three spaces with are connected to each other.

A room is full of air, full of microbiobes breathing and touching.
What are we doing in between of them?

My interaktive performative Installation was spreaded like a net in the space. 16 Copper tapes lines leading ways and possibilities in the space, all the lines coming together or starting in a device, which is covered with a ceramic, which reminds to an Organ or a sea creature. When touching one specific copper tape you electrically seen ground yourself, with touching one or more tapes your body becomes to conducting material, and gives out an input to the device. People can touch each other and be conducting.

16 different audio sequences create an undefined number of breath compositions in the space. Sometimes uncomfortable intimate, sometimes surprisingly funny.

The Textile is hanging in the air like frozen in a movement. All over the textile imprints and traces question his belonging, and make the textile appear breathing.