Kunstschule Offenburg 


From 2015-2020 I had been assisting various projects and repeatedly worked for the Kunstschule in close collaboration with Almut von Koenen for the so calles Jugendkunstschule (Youth art school) and various others for specific projects. 

After my internship in assisting in different courses and projects I came back to Offenburg for the following years to work mainly for the summerprojects as assistance for the projectmanager, as well as to conceptualize and design the documentations for the sustainability projects “Natürlich” and “Mirakel”, as well as to give courses to children, and families. 


During the different summerschools I developed and designed in collaboration with Almut von Koenen interactive documentations for the projects “Natürlich” and “Mirakel” 

In the fall of 2019, the second year of the art education project "Mirakel - geben, nehmen, teilen, tauschen" began.The three-year project is about looking at the state of our earth with children and taking up the aspect of sustainability in order to start where the enigmatic and fascinating principle of "give, take, share and exchange" begins on a social, ecological and economic level. "Exploring this principle in a playful way, making it tangible to the senses and implementing it artistically should motivate every child to help shape it," says project manager Almut von Koenen.

The documentations for both projects should in a playful way be a reminder and refresher for the children that participated in the project, at the same time it should be selfexplanatory and mediating several topics for children and parents who have not participated. 

Click for example for NATÜRLICH and for MIRAKEL