Misunderstood Careless Whisper

September 2021 at Einstellungsraum e.V.
with Elina Saalfeld

Soundinstallation (8:30min loop)
lashing straps, boat rope, plastic ropes, cables, speaker

A misunderstanding starts when entering the room, a familiar sounding but at the same time uncomfortable pop song is heard.
Maybe a memory to the pop song „careless whisper“ by George Michael appears.

An unrhythmic rhythm tangled in the room and two voices, one human female whispering, the other, created by artificial intelligence, are telling of a first (joint) dance.

The compostion of the song is based on familiar popsongs besides long pauses in which there is nothing else as silence. Visitors rustle their clothes in embarrassment and wait for the song to continue. The atmosphere is shifting from dance situations to a silent disco. Memories of first dances and their uncomfortably sweaty, awkward movements are floating in the space. The Cables are everwhere winding through the space, in our memory the present and the past intertwine.