Notation for a Forlorny Humming

chapter one of group exhibition, 2021
50 packages sent to 50 people with an invite to a zoom call
50 jute pieces approx. 21 cm x 30 cm, yarn and knots
different views, process, performancestills

The exhibition and bark beetles mapped hidden worlds could not happen in the beginning of 2021, due to ... you know.

Thats why the curatoring artists Cristina Rüesch and Frederik Vium invited us to split the exhibition into two parts: Chapter 1: Trying to be a spider, a zoom workshop session and Chapter 2: and bark beetles mapped hidden worlds, an exhibition taking place in spring 2022.

, With Trying to be a spider we approached the story of Arachne, a mythological figure. The brilliantly weaving woman challenges Athene to weave. As Athene wants to be the only goddess, the shifts Arachne into a spider, as which she will be weaving forever.
50 guests were invited to the zoom workshop beforehand. After accepting our invite everyone got sent a package, in which a mini exhibitions with works by every artist were displayed.

Along the story of Arachne which Holly Hunter and Nina Kuttler are alternating in telling our guests, every artwork gets approached as well and taken out of the package together.
Notation for a forlorny humming is 50 textiles in about the size of DINA4 on which with two different coloured yarns I stitched the letter m.

The vagus nerve gets stimulated through humming and leads to an impulse of relaxation in the brain. The Musical influence on bodily motions and emotions, like any song bringing memories back, is fascinating to me. The Body which is like a textile, interconnected with itself, gives the purest reactions to encounters.

While I was reading and humming the text on the left hand side on this page, the listeners were touching the m and humming with me.