Ode To Scream and Cry, 2022

Silk-Satin Print, 85 x 55 cm
December 2022

shown at group show Told You I’ll be here forever
at frappant Galerie e.V. Hamburg
with Anne Meerpohl, Elisa Nessler, Elina Saalfeld, Mona Rizaj, Priska Engelhardt, Anne Meyer, Jana Pfort

Fotodocumentation- closeups by Elina Saalfeld

exhibtionview with Elisa Nessler in the Front

collectively written exhibtion text: 

What has changed about you? Do we still speak the same language? How does friendship work as a long-distance relationship? When we started studying art together, intensive relationships developed in addition to productive exchanges. And now - after social distancing and graduation, after a lot of time has passed and many of us have gone to other places - how do we get back together? And our works? Are they also uncertain at first, suddenly so close, afraid of contact? A web of thoughts and feelings, independent of each other and yet connected. Between voice message and note to ourselves, shared diary and the location of friendship in time and space.

Ode To Scream and Cry

For the exhibition I am showing the image below printed on silk-satin, 60x90cm. I was doubting weather to produce something for the exhibiton or to show the video that I will be showing at the same time in KhiO at the Resepjongalleri. I decided against that simultaneity of showing the same video that is dealing with space in two different spaces. It would have felt like forcing this simultaneity of space onto the work, which for this work is not key. 

I wrote this Ode to scream and cry. In the text I write about bats, orientation and relation. I was imagining that this soft silk-satin caresses the feeling of being lost or without orientation. The textile will be hanging in the space and therefor hopefully be readable from one side, and not from the other. It asks to be related with and to. 

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