With a Glimpse and A Taste 

feat. Delia Prezioso 
As Part of Tapete.Nr

May 2023 
Esmarchstraße 64/66

performative Installation in collaboration with Delia Prezioso
wood construction, textile, paint, potatote noodles,
unfired clay plates, drinks and haunted house soundinstallation
6PM - sunset that day on 9:20PM
Photos by: Jo De Hulsters

In the frame of the exhibitionseries Tapete, that takes part in private spaces of participants, such as gardens, flats, attics, I invited Delia Prezioso for a performative Installation taking place in the windows of my flat.

The framework of the invitation was to open the windows from the ground floor where I live, and to serve food from there to the outside. I am interested into this inversion and invasion of private / public spaces. I wanted to switch the relation of this two spheres through the installation. The work A Glimpse And A Taste was then developed in collaboration with Delia Prezioso.

We opened the windowy that normally allows passers-by to gaze into my personal life. Behind the windows, the private space was withdrawn from view by a set-box-like construction, on which the frame of a window was painted in a rough  painterly gesture.

For one night we served home-made potatoe noodles in a spicy Tomato soup that had been cooking in Pastis. The noodles where handed out through the window and served on unfired clay plates, each made for one noodle.
Visitors, friends and passers-by were resting on the narrow sidewalk.