To Stumble Invisibly

October 2023
performative Installation
((nyt)) art space Berlin
food safe PVC pipes, cable clamps, air pumps, Aluminium bar, glass funnel 

„To stumble invisibly“ is a newly constructed or reconceived performative installation for the occasion of the solo exhibition. It was previously shown in 2020 „Talking with Air“.

The installation was developed on site and transforms the space of the NYT Art Space into a breathing spatial system. The installation is grasping space, intervening in the space and being held

Performances are scheduled once a day; the performances are more like an experimental set-up in which different sound qualities are explored. In this context, there will in fact also be a performance with musicians for once. Martin Clarke and Jo De Hulsters will play the saxophone together for the first time on this occasion. So far they have played as a saxophone and double bass duo. Together with the artist, they improvise before reacting as a duo to the atmosphere in the room.

I am interested in the mystery of a space, the mystery of structures, how things come into being and maintain themselves as systems. I am interested in not understanding works as existing fixed frameworks, but rather to take them again and again as an occasion to be rethought. I find the flexibility that emanates from the works extremely important and is for me a parallel to the process of thinking.