(Un)Monument for (Re)Positioning

Juli 2023,
performative installation

graduate show at HFBK Hamburg

Un-Monument for Re-Positioning (2023) is a performative installation, encompassing an interplay of elements within the space it occupies. Specifically, it revolves around the concept of the mobile stairs in the HFBK library, adapted in its size to suit the proportions of its current location, K14.
What is to Re-Position around or rather within, are seven laser-cut scores on cobalt blue paper. These scores, are positioned at an elevated height, evade legibility from the floor, only being able to be read to those who ascend the stairs. In an ongoing rhythm, the performers, or rather shifters, relocate the stairs approximately once every hour. These shifters, are my trusted companions and artistic colleagues. Central to this contemplation is the notion of selfplacement within our working environment. How does one navigate the space we inhabit? And what does institutional critique truly signify within my artistic practice? The act of physically shifting the structural configuration of a space, is a methodical procedure. It is a gesture, humble and unagitated. The process of learning, of producing ones own knowledge is a subsequently flow of questioning. Question after question, we unravel the positions from which we depart and arrive. Un-Monument for Re-Positioning gathers a reflection on my experiences and encounter at the HFBK, my individual artistic praxis, the value of friendship, and of artistic processes. At the same time, I am very interested in this almost monumental moment in space, in which positional relationships of objects, but also of people, are changed. The moment of Re-positioning is an institutional responsibility, that for people being within that structure happens just while being and coming together.