With Mosses, Airs and Bees, 
We Dance Along With Trees. 

2021 group show in a forest in Nottuln, GER

sponsored by Kulturförderung Nottuln

For With Mosses, Airs And Bees, We Dance Along With Trees I invited six artist friends to a Nottulner (NRW) forest for an exhibition. Within a stay in the place for six days we worked in and with the forest, and opened our exhibition. With a small program we offered forest walks (guided tours), forest breakfast as well as different performances. The forest area is usually animated by dogs and their human partners, as well as by children and walkers living in the neighboring residential areas. During our set-up and program, many questions and candid conversations arose that mirrored many of our questions from the preparation process.

Such as: where does this Natur-Kultur relation or amgibuity come from? is the forest male or female? How many is a forest? What does a forest feel? What do we feel in a forest? When do you notice you are getting lost in a forest? Do we hurt a forest with walking through it?

How many Languages can a forest speak?...

In the follow-up, we are now working on a publication that will reflect on these different levels and think about further ways of working together, with each other but also with a forest.

As I intitated this project in my home town I was having different roles in this project. I was the connection, the curator, the graphic deisgner, the organizatorial head amongst many others. For me this coming together in a place, that for most of the invited was unknown, and working in our field is very important. I saw how we can only speak, if we actually are in a space, or in the experience. The works developing are to me as important as this collective process. I want to elaborate further ways of working in a (literally) field, and to open this up, to passers-by but also to invited people.

guided walk through the forest and exhibition, including performances and talks

breakfast in the forest

Opening with Waldmeister*innensirup and Prosecco


Der Dachs by Cristina Rüesch

Stones by Delia Prezioso

by Qai Hew

Das Würmchen by Jo De Hulsters

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