Body - Performance -workshop 

Adolph Koling Berufskolleg, 2019
invited by Ulrike Grundhoff and Ellen Gernung

I was invited for a three day workshop at my old school Adolph-Kolping Berufskolleg to support the pupils in concepting, thinking and doing performances.

In collaboration with the art teachers Ulrike Grundhoff and Ellen Gernun the pupils already were introduced into perfomative works by a lot of female performance artists. They already made their minds and thoughts and prepared for their individual performances. 

Key to the performances was not o elaborate and work out their own body of work, but to create a moment, no matter how short or long that moment was, to experience body, time and space. The performances would remind to other performances, some were very avantgardish. 
My role was to be there as mental support as well as conceptual support. During the three days I observed how important it is to involve the body into learning. Not only within the context of art, but into any kind of learning. Some pupils decided to experience their own body and mind limits, or what we think might be a limit. The experience to touch this limit, to work with it, against it, into it, and maybe to even to work over it, seemed to me as an observer and supporter very key to this very experimental workshop. I admired everyones power that was gained with their performances and also support towards each other.

It was a very special working experience to me, because I feel very connected to the approach to art and thoughts in the school, mainly performed to me through the teachers. 

Due to the image rights of the pupils and also sensitive imagery there is no fotodocumentation online.