Exhibition Guide

I like to see my work as exhibition guide as part of my artistic practice.

Mediating my own artworks to strangers, visitors of different backgrounds is a very important part for me in the process of working. Furthermore I also like to mediate and try to open the process of thinking about other works as well. During my studies at HFBK I made various experiences with offering tour through the anual shows as well as the graduation shows. My main interest is to offer tours for adults or youth, but I am also enjyoing to guide children through exhibtions. 

During my internship at M.1 Arthur Boskamp Stiftung I was doing the mediation of the exhibtions EXLUSIVITIES–EXKLUSIVITÄTEN and INHABITATIONS through guided tours. 

I therefor enjoy very much the performative approach to speech and the playful approach to the works. I think that this small encounters, and for some people first encounters at all with art, can be quite vulnerable. That is why I try to do these tours more as a talking or discursive round than a one directional speaking and way of “teaching”.