Don‘t Cry Over Spilllllled Tears Anymore

February 2024 at Art Au Centre Liège, Belgium
performative Installation
Second hand bought vases, glases and bowls, tripods, coloured water

If an inanimate object sheds a tear one can become a witness of a mystery.

A “non-space” transforms into a space of attraction.

Weeping statues are a phenomena which fascinates people around the globe, no matter their belief skepticism or astonishment; and no matter the impossibilities about this sometimes tiniest tear.

At the same time to witness a stranger in the public shedding a tear seems inappropriate, too intimate.

I am interested into the tear itself as an emotional expression which creates connections in various senses. My focus lies in those moments where meaning undergoes a shift, not just in a literal and practical sense, but in a critical engagement with one’s surroundings. The tear is just an image in this scenery and exercising a shift of meaning.

I am interested into developing working and thinking structures that on one hand construct themselves a logic and on the other hand execute it in itself. The site specific installation is itself a structure which purpose is solely to shed tears and collect them. The liquid consists of oils, honey, red wine, salt and water; a mixture similar to the liquids that had been found on weeping statues. The spatial system is neither a miracle or a hoax, it performs itself a shift in meaning, that is either witnessed by passersby or not. The building, as a weeping statue comes to life; is a messenger.

What do buildings observe, keep and store of our daily lives?

The hole of a nail that has been in the wall to hold a photo of a friend is a silent witness of tragic goodbyes, private breakdowns, sad phonecalls, unanswered bootycalls, of a joke that was not laughed about, or a hug of two strangers. Every Building is in a mutual relationship to its surrounding.